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How cute are these spring inspired skirts at romwe?
Look for what suits you best right here!

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pick me up at midnight and let’s go on an adventure i’m down for those late night memories

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Hypothesis: if women are worse at parking, it’s only because they’ve been lied to about what eight inches is their entire lives


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Hello! I’m Bea (tumblr user fifth-may) and the guy above is my boyfriend! He’s Polish, i’m Portuguese. He’s blonde, i’m brunette. He’s religious, i’m not. We’re the living proof that opposites do attract and you should never let differences come in between your happiness, and most specially, true love. 

Our 2 years anniversary is coming up on the fifth of may 2014, this boy makes me a better person, I’ve never been happier before. You can find more pictures of us >here< ♡

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

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"i wish i was born in the 90s" says the young girl. suddenly, her surroundings change- french flags fly above and around her, crowds are cheering. it is france, 1793. the king is dead. long live the revolution.

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See how food innovator Michael Voltaggio’s Fanatic Hack flips the script on game time chips.

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